Range of manufacturing production, accompanying services and activities

1. Realization of turn-key investment units / assembly, disassembly / including measuring and regulation and electrical installation.

2. Parts of investment units - production in our own production capacities:

  • economizer equipment for DeNOx , DeSOx , dedusting - power plants, heating plants, metallurgy and the like.
  • air heaters - LUWO water heaters – economizer
  • other equipments and parts of investment units for power plants, heating plants, metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and gas industry, processing industry and the like.

3. Piece production - comprehensive product range in its own production facilities:

  • high pressure boilers / 40b /, boiler heaters , waste heat boilers, pressure and nonpressure parts of the boiler, boiler walls – Meander
  • other pressure and non-pressure vessels
  • water heaters, air heaters, coolers, evaporator drums, superheaters, heat exchangers
  • condensers, conventional bundles, recuperators, steam lines
  • movable hoods, caps of movable hoods, jets and jet holes, caissons, chambers, columns, slide-chutes and the like.
  • tube bundles of all kinds, segmental elbows and the like.
  • cold bent tubes from diameter D 16 to D 80 mm
  • longitudinally welded pipes of large diameter
  • manual welding of the tube and tube plates join
  • welding of membrane walls we provide in external cooperation
  • rolled in tubes made of carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • pickling of finished products we provide in external cooperation
  • steel constructions of any kind
  • other piece products according to the assignment

Scope of activities:
Constructional processing, strength calculations, technological production processes, PQR, WPS, purchase of material, production /preparation and cutting, mechanical machining, bending of tubes, welding, locksmith works, surface treatment /, rolling in of tubes, pickling of finished products /external collaboration/, complete product tests - capillary tests, X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic testing /external collaboration/, pressure tests, packaging, accompanying technical documentation of products, passports, logistical services to the place of destination.

Breakdown of activities:
Constructional processing, strength calculations:

  • preparation of manufacturing drawings and bills of materials for production
  • tabular elaboration of the products
  • manufacturing drawings prepared in the program MICROSTATION POWER DRAFT
  • drawings can be transformed into the AUTOCAD

Technological production processes, PQR, WPS:
For products there are processed:

  • technological procedures in accordance to the applicable norms and internal regulations
  • welding procedures WPS taking into account the type of weld material quality and technology of welding
  • welding qualifications WPQR according to welding technology and materials group

Purchase of materials for production:

  • we provide purchase materials of all grades and norms from reputable and verified manufacturers and suppliers
  • we supply a complete quality documentation, to customer requirements

Preparation and cutting of material:

  • cutting of sheets by heat-cutting
    • CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine LEGAS L625 Seria, water table size 2500 x 6000, thickness of cut material - different types of steel: oxygen-acetylene flame: max. 100 mm; air plasma: 1-20 mm
    • portable automatic flame cutter PORTACUT
  • sawing of pipes and section steel
    • pipe diameter up to 230 mm, sections steel 230 x 275 mm
  • preparation of weld edges
    • with beveling : beveling of pipes to 150m , sheets to a thickness of 40 mm
    • splinter machining: pipes up to diameter 150 mm
    • bigger thickness by burning and sanding

Mechanical machining:

  • lathing
    • center lathe SUI 50
    • revolver lathe SR 50
  • drilling
    • drill press VR4A
    • VRM50 portable column drilling machine
  • boring
  • milling
    • milling machine FA4V
    • carousel EN 16
    • horizontal boring machine FK 150 CNC , CNC processed. drawing AUTOCAD, system FIDIA - (tube sheets)
    • horizontal boring machine WH 10 NC, Heidenheim system

Sheet cutting:

  •  plate shears NTH 3150/165

Sheet rolling:

  • rolling machine W11 - 10 x 2000
  • rolling machine XZM - 25 of 3000

Tube bending:

  • cold bending to a diameter of 80 mm
    • tube bending machine XOTH 80F CNC, maximum diameter of bent tube 76 x 6 mm, minimum bend radius of 1.5 D


  • hydraulic press brake machine CTO - 250
  • mechanical press brake machine LO - 315


  • manual coated electrode welding
  • manual welding in a protective atmosphere of argon
  • semi-automatic welding MIG, MAG

Orbital welding:

  • tubes and tube sheet join manually welded in a protective atmosphere of argon – TIG

Locksmith works:

  • rolled in tubes made of carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
    •  rolling machine MATEX FOR 2300 – MAUS
    •  tools for rolling according to dimension of tubes   pressure tests
    •  hand pressure tester TRZ-600
    • pressurizing hand pump HP500
    • pressure charging pump KARCHER K5.91  
  • assembly operations
    • belt sander on stand
    • straight grinders
    • angle grinders
    • plate beveling machine COMPACT EDGE
    • beveling machine BM 27
    • tube beveling machine BOILER 1 " - 4 "
    • tube beveling machine BOSCH
    • plate beveling machine
    • magnetic drill ALFA ROTA 40RLE

Surface treatment

  •  airless spray equipment AIRLES LP460

Finishing operations:

  • degreasing products
  • drying after pressure tests
  • application of coating systems according to customer requirements pickling of finished products /external cooperation/

Supplying range:

  • we implement supplies of all kinds of pipe bends from diameter D 80 mm up to D 630 mm (cold and hot)
  • we implement supplies of metallurgical materials of all kinds and quality

Handling equipment:

  • overhead crane 5 t
  • overhead crane 16 t
  • overhead crane 20 t
  • side loader 5 t
  • forklift truck 3.5 t and 3 t

Complete product tests:

  • we provide capillary tests according to ISO 9712 and directive 97/23/EC by our own test personnel  X-ray, ultrasound and magnetic tests we provide in external cooperation with certified company
  • we provide pressure tests in participation of an inspector from technical inspection

Accompanying technical documentation of products, passports:

  • with each product we deliver complete accompanying documentation, passports, certificates of quality and completing of products, declarations of conformity

Logistical services to the place of destination:

  • we provide both internal and external logistic services from reputable transport companies, overseas, including packaging, according to the relevant norms and customer requirements
  • we provide all kinds of transportation: truck, rail, sea and air transport
    • cargo railway station – Želiezovce

From the above we demonstrably confirm, that we are capable in our own production capacities, in the required quality and schedule, implement the production of parts of investment units, as well as piece products and specialty products, denitrification of boilers, desulfurization, dedusting and the like.

About Us

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Beside the established quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 we pay repeated attention to the development of the skills and abilities of our qualified staff.



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